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Red Hat Sneakers

Red Hat: After the mythical red hat, now sneakers

There are figures, icons, images, objects that become a symbol of a brand. And it is that brand is really, a perception that buyers give to something. A space in our collective imagination that allows us to associate certain objects, logos, names with a company, a person or an organization. Some have done this branding work well. So much so that, with a simple image, you know what it refers to. This is what the geniuses of Red Hat have done. They have turned their legendary red hat into a globally recognized brand. Few companies manage their corporate identity so well, and now they do it too with the new Red Hat Sneakers.

Who is Red Hat and why is their brand work admirable?

Red Hat is a US company that provides open source software mainly to companies. And not only they are the leaders in their field of action, but they are also leaders in branding. Red Hat is known worldwide for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. In addition, they offer storage, operating system platforms and all kinds of open source applications for companies.

Since 1993, Red Hat has become one of the most well-known technology companies in the business world around the world. So much so that your logo is easily associated with your brand. A great work of branding that has made the red hat icon a myth.

After the mythical red hat, now sneakers

The big brands know how to take very well and grow their corporate image. Red represents them very well and is part of their identity. That’s why they do not just want to wear a red hat, they want to wear their brand from their feet to their heads. That’s why, together with iDSneakers, they have created sneakers that represent the brand in a unique and authentic way. Introducing the Red Hat Sneakers.

That’s right, knowing our good work and affinity with technology companies, Red Hat has relied on iDSneakers to create branded shoes that reflect the personality of the brand. Carrying your brand with you is a branding job that some companies do very well. And with Red Hat Sneakers, the company is encouraging corporate identity in a cool and original way.

The giant American company uses our customized shoes with its brand for the different KickOff rooms that the company makes with its equipment. In this way, corporate identity is encouraged within the company. Generating an environment of greater rapport with the teams and bringing with them a mythical color that has characterized them and that undoubtedly represents them quite well.

How can you follow the steps that companies like Red Hat have already taken?

The branding work is a very important matter that you must take in your company so that your brand becomes a space in the collective imagination. Brands are only brands if people recognize them as such. That’s why at iDSneakers, we help you create personalized shoes with your brand to gain greater recognition with your customers. Contact us to learn more and follow the

Sony white style

Success story: Sony white style

There are brands that know how to take branding to another level. Brands that in their greatness have understood the value of corporate identity. iDSneakers has had the honor of working for one of the largest technology brands in the world. Here we tell you about one of the success stories of our company. Learn about our work with Sony White Style.

How to bring comfort, trends, and style always? In this article, we are going to help you so that all those options also carry your mark. A useful way to promote and let you know. Between tastes no dislikes. That’s because we have prepared this article with the best variety of forms and reasons for you to stay with the ones that go the most with your ideas and proposals of the conceptual image of your company. We want you to take risks and discover the results you will get with custom shoes, designed by our excellent team.

Sony white style sneakers

They are shoes created by iDSneakers, a brand company with extensive experience in the footwear industry that values ​​the corporate identity of your company. That ultimately is what will make you unique and different from the others. Creating a way for your customers to remember you. On this occasion, these Sony white style personalized shoes designed by the excellent team of iDSneakers for the company Sony. Which, as well as Sony with its Xperia smart products has been invested in its marketing campaign. In this case with the Sony white style shoes. We want you to be part of your investment ideas for your company and have personalized shoes with your own brand.

 The corporate identity of a company is the set of perceptible and imperceptible characteristics. We want to talk about that external aspect that is the reflection of the strategic ideas that your company represents. Here is a proposal that big companies like Sony have used for their corporate image. We are talking about 100% leather shoes with embroidery and minimalist design that in this case used this brand. Sony has been characterized as a leading company in electronics and entertainment. They have extensive experience in information technology for the consumer and professional markets. You can also use your custom shoes. We are willing to design the best combinations for your shoes and that your brand is very well represented.

Why should your company also be a success story?

The world of fashion continuously changes. It is a subject that does not expire. Its wide transcendence and continuous changes make people constantly change their appearance. Why not suggest that it also manages to modify the mood of people according to the combination?

The geniuses of footwear fashion used all kinds of elements and textures to generate different styles and bring their creations to different tastes, and one of the great and comfortable creations are sneakers. Sneakers are a comfortable proposal that your feet will always appreciate and your style too. Shoes have been imposed for several years as the star footwear of any style. Dare to surprise accompanied by the appropriate shoes.

You can design your own branded shoes with us. A whole team of designers will be ready to help you look for the best option. Get more information about the way we work. We are willing to bring growth to your company.

Personalized sneakers: the best outfit for customers

The world of fashion evolves in tandem with a world in constant change, and personalization becomes a trend. The clients are in constant search of unique, exclusive and original garments that look like their personality. That’s why our custom sneakers are the best outfit for customers.

In a world in which homogeneity have taken over the average consumer, those that are original stand out. The identity of your brand embodied in original sneakers can become the best garment for your customers.

Personalization is not only present in fashion, but in virtually all aspects of life. The desire to be unique is noted in our way of being, the way we relate, what we like to do and share. Some are already tired of having to buy the same things as everyone else, due to this globalized market. That is why there are many who are looking for a way to personalize their clothes. That is why we want to help you to offer the best outfit for customers that your brand could offer.

We invite you to be different, design the best outfit for customers

You can be the customer’s favorite with our customized sneakers. Personalization is a trend for the future, so your brand will have the opportunity to differentiate and stand out. With our experience, we will support your brand so that with it you can become part of the best outfit for customers you can imagine.

In a process of fun, dynamic, entertaining creation, our design team will be at your disposal so that we create trends together.

Personalization of sneakers with iDSneakers

We are first and foremost a branding company with extensive experience in the footwear industry. We understand the importance of personalization and good brand management. Your company is not the same as the others and your customers know it. That is why they will prefer your custom sneakers designed by the excellent iDSneakers team.

So, do you dare to be different? We want you to leave your comfort zone and take a risk. The results you will get by doing things differently will be quite positive. We assure you that because we understand the market, we know our clients and we seek to be at the forefront in the industry.

With the personalization of shoes by iDSneakers, your brand will be unique, original and innovative. We use quality materials to be your clients’ favorite. Enough of a world in which we all dress the same, we use the same accessories and follow “normal” social patterns. Your customers seek innovation and we can give it to them together.

We are looking for partners

Is your company suitable to work with us? At iDSneakers, we offer a unique business opportunity, which works and in which we already have an excellent experience. At this moment we are expanding and that is why we are looking for partners to reach each country in Europe. With our custom shoes, we will offer the best outfit for customers. Find out about our processes, contact us and tell us your ideas. We have an excellent team and we are looking for key alliances to bring our innovative product to the entire European community. Do you stay with the globalized world in which everyone dresses the same? We offer you customization, original and innovative trends with high-quality products. Join us.

New Brand: Full Personalized sneakers!

Have you imagined some perfect personalized sneakers? The time has come to innovate, it is a great opportunity for you to be different. Show your unique style and offer your customers a novel alternative. Unique designs, quality, and fashion on your feet.

What is iDSneakers about?

Put your stamp on your shoes. Did you know that your shoes are the first thing a person sees when they know you? Had you distributed shoes designed by yourself before? Your brand, your design, your personalization in the sports shoes that everyone wants.

We offer you completely personalized sneakers. A new, unique, casual and fashionable way of dressing. A new way to surprise your customers. Sneakers go well with any type of clothing. Do you want to dress sporty, casual or even a little formal? Sneakers are the solution. Comfortable, safe, beautiful, the perfect footwear for all occasions.

We design your personalized sneakers in Barcelona, and we make them by hand in Spain. A new way to promote your brand and offer unique designs to your customers.

How it works?

We listen to you, tell us your ideas. Based on your requirements, our experienced design team will prepare different proposals so that you and your clients can choose the one you like most. Our sneakers are fully customizable. We have a wide range of models, colors and materials that will make our product of the highest quality.

How could you use your new customized shoes? Our shoes are perfect for all kind of occasions. You can offer your clients personalized sneakers that can be used in events and exhibitions, work uniforms, corporate gifts or as the identification of a club or organization.

We use different techniques for the customization of our shoes, such as embroidery, die-cut leather, hot stamp, laser print. You have total control over the design, you can even customize the laces and the tongue label. You can place an order with us with a minimum order of only 40 pairs, and we will have them ready and delivered in 45 days.

Would you like to know more about us?

In iDSneakers, we are in the process of expansion. We are looking for partners. Distributors that help us to have an important presence in all European countries. Our experience in personalized sneakers, with which we take the branding to another level, allow us to guarantee the success of this great business opportunity.

The design, quality, and comfort offered by our custom sneakers are backed by our vast experience in the footwear industry. Are you still waiting for new ideas? Join us.

We are iDSneakers, we personalize your world

A different world that understands quality, style, and fashion. We are a branding company with high expertise in the custom shoe industry. Our experienced design team will be able to create the perfect shoes for you and your company in each project. Our products are of the highest quality that is reflected in the finish of our customized sneakers. Would you like to work with us? Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our processes. We want to hear from you. Do you want to talk?


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Partners wanted: A Big Business opportunity

We are in an expansion process and are looking for distributors in different countries that could help us have relevant presence those countries.

Our vision is to be the leading company in the sector of personalized sneakers, and achieve a significant turnover within the promotional product sector.

Do not miss the opportunity. If you have an important portfolio of clients, show them this interesting new and innovative product.