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shoe design

The importance of shoe design to attract consumers to buy them

The key to good design on your feet

Comfortable shoes of good quality and perfect shape or tennis shoes with good design and better comfort will never go out of style. And is that dressing or rather a footwear is an art. And in this art, all responsibility falls on the design of footwear.

Always look for the best experience in shoe design and the best in fashion for your feet. Models with a variety of styles and colours that convince you when dressing. That your customers will admire.

How to combine design with well-being for my feet?

When we choose shoes, most of the time, we do it taking comfort into account. We look for whether it is breathable or ergonomic and of course, the first thing that attracts us is the design of the footwear.

Being aware of buying the right shoes means thinking about what you are going to use it, on what occasions and for how long. For example, a work shoe must be comfortable, and it is worth combining beautiful design and also offering comfort. After all, it is worth it because our feet will thank us with time.

The choice of footwear is vital to the health of our feet. So we have for you: shoes with a great design to look according to your style. Comfortable shoes to prevent injuries, and ergonomic to simulate the natural condition of the foot walking, running, or standing for a long time. We have the right shoe design for you, which will take you to attract all eyes.

The secret of a good design

The footwear design also tells us about how we combine colors and different styles. These are aspects directly related to the design of the footwear that ID Sneakers and its experience has managed to combine, to obtain the satisfaction of its buyers.

The sneakers are a key piece of a good look, and it is the design of footwear that is the door to attract glances, and it is not only a matter of footwear that is a piece that we wear in view of everyone and that is why we owe it a certain appeal. We also combine the beautiful designs that attract the entire look of our customers, comfort.

Count on our experience

It is very important that the shoes are easy to wear and that their design and material are not counterproductive to our feet. And for these details that our customers are looking for, ID Sneakers offers a wide variety of shoe designs for all tastes, styles, and occasions that will convince you.

Tennis shoes with a suitable design, are the best cover to see you well, and that is what our customers first look for. We will be happy to tell you about the best shoe designs. Give you the best advice thinking about what would most attract your customers. With the best designs together with the most comfortable and safe way your feet deserve.

Branded Shoes for clubs

6 benefits of branded shoes for clubs | Style and elegance

Have you thought about having your own branded shoes for clubs? This is a very good way to celebrate club anniversaries or important events. Universities, schools, and even sports competition teams. That is why here we will show you some benefits that branded shoes could have suitable for your clubs, events or workgroups.

6 benefits of branded shoes for clubs

1. Be unique

Being unique means being on top. Branded shoes for clubs represent you as part of a set, a team that becomes unique and different. This is one of the differential patterns that can make your club to the highest level. Do you dare to be unique? Only those who dare to be different achieve outstanding results.

2. Customization

With globalization, with changes in daily life and technological advances, standardization is common. Everything tends to be the same, everything tends to uniformity. Therefore, personalization is the key to being different. This is the most powerful way to get added value. An added value that adds meanings. These meanings are those that open space in the minds of consumers, generating a unique and valuable corporate image.

3. Branding and brand recognition

What better way to do branding than to wear your own brand in your dress clothes? Shoes are the first item we observe when we see someone. Therefore, branded shoes for clubs will be a very powerful tool to generate brand recognition. The brand is nothing more than a space in the mind of the consumer associated with meanings of an image, a product, some colors. For your club or for your event, branded shoes can generate the necessary impact to obtain good brand recognition.

4. Corporate identity

These types of products make people feel part of something. That they feel important, that they feel valued. Therefore, branded shoes will increase the sense of belonging for your club. And so, in this way, a corporate identity is generated that makes each one of those involved a brand ambassador.

5. Style and elegance

There is nothing with more style and elegance than good branded shoes that represent the best of your club, your university or your school. Stylish shoes that all look with pride and elegance. A unique and fun way to mark membership in a social group, differentiating yourself from others.

6. Show yourself as you are

It has nothing to do with branding, but it is one of the most important aspects or benefits you will get when you have your branded shoes for clubs. It turns out that being yourself is the best way to show yourself. With your custom shoes, you can be everything you wanted to be and the way you wanted to show yourself. Make your creativity the ally to design the best customized branded shoes.

Vintage Shoes

Vintage shoes are back | Be unique walking around the world

Vintage shoes are back! The past has become fashionable. And it is that many of the things that marked an era return. Nostalgia has caused us to use old designs again, see remakes of the films that marked our childhood or youth, listen to music from those times or that we love the series or documentaries that revive our history.

Nostalgia seizes millennials

Fashion is circular. The past returns and returns stomping. There is at this time a boom to repeat the experience. Nostalgia has boosted the consumption of vintage or retro things in all fields of life.

And the strangest thing about all this is that they are not those who lived those times that have brought back this new boom. It is not about baby boomers or generation X. No, it is not they who want to relive times of glory of their youth. Those responsible for all this stir in the world are millennials. This generation is responsible for bringing back all this love for vintage and retro objects. Maybe it’s like an intergenerational connection, in which the young people of today want to wear those vintage shoes that their parents wore so much in their youthful adventures.

But … Why does this phenomenon occur? For many, it may seem strange that new generations want to recover the icons of past generations. In this encounter of generations, what normally happens is that changes are generated, confronting the current reality, to have new identities. Well, in that search for identity, in a globalized world, where being unique is quite complex and where the ease with which things are achieved causes them to lose meaning, retaking old objects that already have an important meaning, makes them legendary.

From video games to vintage shoes

And the retro style has taken over each and every field of life. Just check the movie billboard of recent months, you will realize that it is the same as 35 years ago. This is something that generates excitement and enthusiasm in the new generations. Well, a load of meanings, of emotionality that these things have far exceeds any of the things of the new generations without meaning.

Large brands have therefore taken the opportunity to retake product designs that were totally successful a few decades ago, and even, some things that were a complete failure could prove to be of great value to millennials.

It is very common to see the great sneakers factories retake their classic designs, as is the case of Reebok, Adidas or Nike, to mention just a few. That love for vintage has made new brands start creating their products based on these old tastes. That’s why within our customized branded shoes models, you can find vintage models so that you agree with the patterns that fashion imposes today.

Do you like all these things to be back? What would you bring from the past to make it cool again in today’s world?

exclusive shoes

Uniqueness with exclusive shoes | Be on the top

There is a garment that may be the most important of all the attire. All eyes are directed to it before anything and make you create a first impression. In this article then, we will focus on the uniqueness of exclusive shoes. A couple of tips to always be on the top.

Exclusive shoes, the first thing we see in people’s clothing

The first impression is what counts. The first time someone sees you, it will take an impression that will be very important. And you never know when you will meet someone new and important for your life. Therefore, having excellent shoes that speak well of you should be a priority in your life.

Like many people, you may have spent hours in front of a mirror choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion. However, for successful people, all occasions are special. Nowadays, due to globalization, it is very difficult to find unique products. The differentiating factor is getting smaller and we tend to dress according to a global standard.

Personalization, the key to being unique

It is then that we realize that, to be unique, there is only one way, personalization. To personalize is to guarantee originality. That is why, day by day, more customizable objects are acquired by people to be at the top of the social scale.

From custom vehicles to custom shoes, and from the latter we know a lot. iDSneakers has more than 40 years of experience in the shoe industry. So, we can speak with certainty and property. We are constantly innovating to improve our materials and designs, in this way, we make our clients unique with exclusive shoes, designed by a team of experts in Barcelona and made with love by the best craftsmen of the sector in Spain.

Benefits of customized exclusive shoes

To be unique is to be on the top. If you can create a space in the minds of your customers where they create the image of your personalized shoes, generating brand recall. Shoes are the first garment that people see in a person. Making them unique, personalizing them, is an excellent way to do branding.

Personalization is the new way to obtain added value. Customers are increasingly demanding and more knowledgeable about the market, the products, and the materials. Therefore, having a high-quality clothing product will make customers feel comfortable buying and using them.

An excellent team in charge of your personalized branded shoes

The best team behind exclusive quality shoes is in iDSneakers. An experienced team that understands the importance of design, personalization, and branding to make your company more recognized, generating value and persuasion of purchase. All this, through an extraordinary marketing work that our custom branded shoes will carry out for your company.

Red Hat Sneakers

Red Hat: After the mythical red hat, now sneakers

There are figures, icons, images, objects that become a symbol of a brand. And it is that brand is really, a perception that buyers give to something. A space in our collective imagination that allows us to associate certain objects, logos, names with a company, a person or an organization. Some have done this branding work well. So much so that, with a simple image, you know what it refers to. This is what the geniuses of Red Hat have done. They have turned their legendary red hat into a globally recognized brand. Few companies manage their corporate identity so well, and now they do it too with the new Red Hat Sneakers.

Who is Red Hat and why is their brand work admirable?

Red Hat is a US company that provides open source software mainly to companies. And not only they are the leaders in their field of action, but they are also leaders in branding. Red Hat is known worldwide for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. In addition, they offer storage, operating system platforms and all kinds of open source applications for companies.

Since 1993, Red Hat has become one of the most well-known technology companies in the business world around the world. So much so that your logo is easily associated with your brand. A great work of branding that has made the red hat icon a myth.

After the mythical red hat, now sneakers

The big brands know how to take very well and grow their corporate image. Red represents them very well and is part of their identity. That’s why they do not just want to wear a red hat, they want to wear their brand from their feet to their heads. That’s why, together with iDSneakers, they have created sneakers that represent the brand in a unique and authentic way. Introducing the Red Hat Sneakers.

That’s right, knowing our good work and affinity with technology companies, Red Hat has relied on iDSneakers to create branded shoes that reflect the personality of the brand. Carrying your brand with you is a branding job that some companies do very well. And with Red Hat Sneakers, the company is encouraging corporate identity in a cool and original way.

The giant American company uses our customized shoes with its brand for the different KickOff rooms that the company makes with its equipment. In this way, corporate identity is encouraged within the company. Generating an environment of greater rapport with the teams and bringing with them a mythical color that has characterized them and that undoubtedly represents them quite well.

How can you follow the steps that companies like Red Hat have already taken?

The branding work is a very important matter that you must take in your company so that your brand becomes a space in the collective imagination. Brands are only brands if people recognize them as such. That’s why at iDSneakers, we help you create personalized shoes with your brand to gain greater recognition with your customers. Contact us to learn more and follow the

Sony white style

Success story: Sony white style

There are brands that know how to take branding to another level. Brands that in their greatness have understood the value of corporate identity. iDSneakers has had the honor of working for one of the largest technology brands in the world. Here we tell you about one of the success stories of our company. Learn about our work with Sony White Style.

How to bring comfort, trends, and style always? In this article, we are going to help you so that all those options also carry your mark. A useful way to promote and let you know. Between tastes no dislikes. That’s because we have prepared this article with the best variety of forms and reasons for you to stay with the ones that go the most with your ideas and proposals of the conceptual image of your company. We want you to take risks and discover the results you will get with custom shoes, designed by our excellent team.

Sony white style sneakers

They are shoes created by iDSneakers, a brand company with extensive experience in the footwear industry that values ​​the corporate identity of your company. That ultimately is what will make you unique and different from the others. Creating a way for your customers to remember you. On this occasion, these Sony white style personalized shoes designed by the excellent team of iDSneakers for the company Sony. Which, as well as Sony with its Xperia smart products has been invested in its marketing campaign. In this case with the Sony white style shoes. We want you to be part of your investment ideas for your company and have personalized shoes with your own brand.

 The corporate identity of a company is the set of perceptible and imperceptible characteristics. We want to talk about that external aspect that is the reflection of the strategic ideas that your company represents. Here is a proposal that big companies like Sony have used for their corporate image. We are talking about 100% leather shoes with embroidery and minimalist design that in this case used this brand. Sony has been characterized as a leading company in electronics and entertainment. They have extensive experience in information technology for the consumer and professional markets. You can also use your custom shoes. We are willing to design the best combinations for your shoes and that your brand is very well represented.

Why should your company also be a success story?

The world of fashion continuously changes. It is a subject that does not expire. Its wide transcendence and continuous changes make people constantly change their appearance. Why not suggest that it also manages to modify the mood of people according to the combination?

The geniuses of footwear fashion used all kinds of elements and textures to generate different styles and bring their creations to different tastes, and one of the great and comfortable creations are sneakers. Sneakers are a comfortable proposal that your feet will always appreciate and your style too. Shoes have been imposed for several years as the star footwear of any style. Dare to surprise accompanied by the appropriate shoes.

You can design your own branded shoes with us. A whole team of designers will be ready to help you look for the best option. Get more information about the way we work. We are willing to bring growth to your company.

New Brand: Full Personalized sneakers!

Have you imagined some perfect personalized sneakers? The time has come to innovate, it is a great opportunity for you to be different. Show your unique style and offer your customers a novel alternative. Unique designs, quality, and fashion on your feet.

What is iDSneakers about?

Put your stamp on your shoes. Did you know that your shoes are the first thing a person sees when they know you? Had you distributed shoes designed by yourself before? Your brand, your design, your personalization in the sports shoes that everyone wants.

We offer you completely personalized sneakers. A new, unique, casual and fashionable way of dressing. A new way to surprise your customers. Sneakers go well with any type of clothing. Do you want to dress sporty, casual or even a little formal? Sneakers are the solution. Comfortable, safe, beautiful, the perfect footwear for all occasions.

We design your personalized sneakers in Barcelona, and we make them by hand in Spain. A new way to promote your brand and offer unique designs to your customers.

How it works?

We listen to you, tell us your ideas. Based on your requirements, our experienced design team will prepare different proposals so that you and your clients can choose the one you like most. Our sneakers are fully customizable. We have a wide range of models, colors and materials that will make our product of the highest quality.

How could you use your new customized shoes? Our shoes are perfect for all kind of occasions. You can offer your clients personalized sneakers that can be used in events and exhibitions, work uniforms, corporate gifts or as the identification of a club or organization.

We use different techniques for the customization of our shoes, such as embroidery, die-cut leather, hot stamp, laser print. You have total control over the design, you can even customize the laces and the tongue label. You can place an order with us with a minimum order of only 40 pairs, and we will have them ready and delivered in 45 days.

Would you like to know more about us?

In iDSneakers, we are in the process of expansion. We are looking for partners. Distributors that help us to have an important presence in all European countries. Our experience in personalized sneakers, with which we take the branding to another level, allow us to guarantee the success of this great business opportunity.

The design, quality, and comfort offered by our custom sneakers are backed by our vast experience in the footwear industry. Are you still waiting for new ideas? Join us.

We are iDSneakers, we personalize your world

A different world that understands quality, style, and fashion. We are a branding company with high expertise in the custom shoe industry. Our experienced design team will be able to create the perfect shoes for you and your company in each project. Our products are of the highest quality that is reflected in the finish of our customized sneakers. Would you like to work with us? Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our processes. We want to hear from you. Do you want to talk?

Personalized packaging box and tongue label

The aim of our company is to offer our customers a unique and personalized product. To complete the total customization, we have available:

Packaging box

We can personalize the sneakers’ packaging box. We can design it for your company or implement the customer design proposal.

Tongue Label

It is also possible to insert the company logo or a text on the tongue of the sneaker.


Customized laces

Add the fullest to your shoe with the customized laces! You can now order your laces separately.