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premium products

A different Christmas for everyone with these stylish premium products

Christmas is coming and it’s time for love, family, happiness, friends, gifts, time with the ones you love most. By these dates, premium products are also sought to improve the style, and all look great on these dates. For some undecided people who still do not know what to use or what to give, we have this list of premium products with which you will look great this Christmas.

Premium products for Christmas

We seek to be well and look good with people nearby this Christmas. Therefore, we want to give you ideas of premium products to give away or to use this Christmas.

Shoes with your brand, the premium product with which you will surprise

Shoes are the first item you see when you meet someone. Therefore, it is very important that you wear the right shoes this Christmas. Footwear says a lot about you, so be sure to wear the best shoes for these special dates. The shoes that are made in IdSneakers are completely customized shoes that can carry your brand. An excellent showcase to show that you dress with the best. Feel good wearing your own brand with custom sneakers.

A good perfume never hurts

Smelling good is a characteristic of successful people. It can be both one of the best gifts and the best way to present yourself in style. Use the best fragrances for this Christmas and leave the people around you impregnated with your success.

Dress elegant, dress fashion

Nothing like being very well presented on a day like Christmas. Whether for the company meeting, or family reunion, dress with premium products. Premium products that accompany the good footwear that you are going to wear that day and that you understand your excellent personal presentation.

A premium Christmas basket

Not only do we offer to see you well, but we also want you to leave the best presents for your friends, partners, employees, family. Because Christmas baskets are the most gifted products on those dates, we recommend that, if you are going to give them away, do it in style. A premium basket, with quality products, with a good sparkling wine, nuts, chocolates, marzipan, and polvorones. With a sophisticated touch, leave your mark on what you give.

Bonuses, discount cards and trips

What better way to look and feel good than to give yourself a good day off? Your employees and family will be surprised if you give Christmas premium products like these. How about a good trip? How about gift cards in your favorite stores? Or how about the best custom shoes with your brand? Give gifts that remain in the memory of people. The best details are those that go with you, that goes with your personality and that positively remind you of that person or company that gave them away. Christmas is a time of the year when everything is worth to be happy. So, you can also give time to enjoy.

We invite you to use and give away premium products that improve your personal and business image. Looking and feeling good is priceless. Merry Christmas!

Branded Shoes for clubs

6 benefits of branded shoes for clubs | Style and elegance

Have you thought about having your own branded shoes for clubs? This is a very good way to celebrate club anniversaries or important events. Universities, schools, and even sports competition teams. That is why here we will show you some benefits that branded shoes could have suitable for your clubs, events or workgroups.

6 benefits of branded shoes for clubs

1. Be unique

Being unique means being on top. Branded shoes for clubs represent you as part of a set, a team that becomes unique and different. This is one of the differential patterns that can make your club to the highest level. Do you dare to be unique? Only those who dare to be different achieve outstanding results.

2. Customization

With globalization, with changes in daily life and technological advances, standardization is common. Everything tends to be the same, everything tends to uniformity. Therefore, personalization is the key to being different. This is the most powerful way to get added value. An added value that adds meanings. These meanings are those that open space in the minds of consumers, generating a unique and valuable corporate image.

3. Branding and brand recognition

What better way to do branding than to wear your own brand in your dress clothes? Shoes are the first item we observe when we see someone. Therefore, branded shoes for clubs will be a very powerful tool to generate brand recognition. The brand is nothing more than a space in the mind of the consumer associated with meanings of an image, a product, some colors. For your club or for your event, branded shoes can generate the necessary impact to obtain good brand recognition.

4. Corporate identity

These types of products make people feel part of something. That they feel important, that they feel valued. Therefore, branded shoes will increase the sense of belonging for your club. And so, in this way, a corporate identity is generated that makes each one of those involved a brand ambassador.

5. Style and elegance

There is nothing with more style and elegance than good branded shoes that represent the best of your club, your university or your school. Stylish shoes that all look with pride and elegance. A unique and fun way to mark membership in a social group, differentiating yourself from others.

6. Show yourself as you are

It has nothing to do with branding, but it is one of the most important aspects or benefits you will get when you have your branded shoes for clubs. It turns out that being yourself is the best way to show yourself. With your custom shoes, you can be everything you wanted to be and the way you wanted to show yourself. Make your creativity the ally to design the best customized branded shoes.

Vintage Shoes

Vintage shoes are back | Be unique walking around the world

Vintage shoes are back! The past has become fashionable. And it is that many of the things that marked an era return. Nostalgia has caused us to use old designs again, see remakes of the films that marked our childhood or youth, listen to music from those times or that we love the series or documentaries that revive our history.

Nostalgia seizes millennials

Fashion is circular. The past returns and returns stomping. There is at this time a boom to repeat the experience. Nostalgia has boosted the consumption of vintage or retro things in all fields of life.

And the strangest thing about all this is that they are not those who lived those times that have brought back this new boom. It is not about baby boomers or generation X. No, it is not they who want to relive times of glory of their youth. Those responsible for all this stir in the world are millennials. This generation is responsible for bringing back all this love for vintage and retro objects. Maybe it’s like an intergenerational connection, in which the young people of today want to wear those vintage shoes that their parents wore so much in their youthful adventures.

But … Why does this phenomenon occur? For many, it may seem strange that new generations want to recover the icons of past generations. In this encounter of generations, what normally happens is that changes are generated, confronting the current reality, to have new identities. Well, in that search for identity, in a globalized world, where being unique is quite complex and where the ease with which things are achieved causes them to lose meaning, retaking old objects that already have an important meaning, makes them legendary.

From video games to vintage shoes

And the retro style has taken over each and every field of life. Just check the movie billboard of recent months, you will realize that it is the same as 35 years ago. This is something that generates excitement and enthusiasm in the new generations. Well, a load of meanings, of emotionality that these things have far exceeds any of the things of the new generations without meaning.

Large brands have therefore taken the opportunity to retake product designs that were totally successful a few decades ago, and even, some things that were a complete failure could prove to be of great value to millennials.

It is very common to see the great sneakers factories retake their classic designs, as is the case of Reebok, Adidas or Nike, to mention just a few. That love for vintage has made new brands start creating their products based on these old tastes. That’s why within our customized branded shoes models, you can find vintage models so that you agree with the patterns that fashion imposes today.

Do you like all these things to be back? What would you bring from the past to make it cool again in today’s world?

Custom shoelaces

Your branded shoes will be unique with custom shoelaces

Personalization is everything. And when you want to personalize something, you want everything to be the way you want it. Even the smallest detail matters when your personalized object represents your brand. That’s why in iDSneakers your branded shoes are going to be unique with custom shoelaces.

How we work the customization

We work with the best craftsmen in the sector recognized worldwide. Therefore, our manufacturing processes and finishes are of high quality. An experienced, recognized and the high-level team is the one to make your personalization of the highest standards.

In addition, to have better results, we work with the materials that the best branded shoes need. With your custom shoes, you will have a lot of materials to choose from and have the best shoes.

Embroidery, cut leather, and digital printing are the personalization techniques that we use in the best branded shoes for your company.

Your sneakers like you want them

In iDSneakers, the quality is not improvised. And since you trust this incredible team, we do not let you down, allowing you to customize the most. From the box to the tongue of the shoe. Therefore, do not worry, you will also have your custom shoelaces.

We understand that you want to put your brand on the feet of your customers and workers. A great branding technique to obtain a lot of style so that your company can be more and more recognized. That being the case, we understand that each company, each brand, each product is different. The personalization then becomes the differentiating point. That’s why spectacular branded shoes with custom shoelaces will be ideal for your business.

Your branded shoes will be unique thanks to everything you can do so that the customization meets all your expectations. Our goal as a company is to ensure that our customers obtain a unique and completely customized product. That’s why we can include a personalized packaging box with your brand; It is also possible to include your company’s logo on the tongue of the sneakers; finally, like a jewel in the crown, to achieve the highest level of customization we have custom shoelaces at your disposal. A complete personalization so that your branded shoes will be unique and completely impressive.

Do you like what we do with our customizations? We are looking for partners around the world

iDSneakers is an expanding company, which is why it is an incredible business opportunity. We understand personalization as an essential tool in the growth of brands. We seek our customers to take a step forward to make branding an important part of their marketing strategy. Our products are, as you can see, completely customizable, of the highest quality and product of the work of the best craftsmen and materials. Do you doubt then the incredible opportunity that can arise for your company? Contact us to know our company. Products designed in Barcelona, ​​made in Spain.

Personalized sneakers: the best outfit for customers

The world of fashion evolves in tandem with a world in constant change, and personalization becomes a trend. The clients are in constant search of unique, exclusive and original garments that look like their personality. That’s why our custom sneakers are the best outfit for customers.

In a world in which homogeneity have taken over the average consumer, those that are original stand out. The identity of your brand embodied in original sneakers can become the best garment for your customers.

Personalization is not only present in fashion, but in virtually all aspects of life. The desire to be unique is noted in our way of being, the way we relate, what we like to do and share. Some are already tired of having to buy the same things as everyone else, due to this globalized market. That is why there are many who are looking for a way to personalize their clothes. That is why we want to help you to offer the best outfit for customers that your brand could offer.

We invite you to be different, design the best outfit for customers

You can be the customer’s favorite with our customized sneakers. Personalization is a trend for the future, so your brand will have the opportunity to differentiate and stand out. With our experience, we will support your brand so that with it you can become part of the best outfit for customers you can imagine.

In a process of fun, dynamic, entertaining creation, our design team will be at your disposal so that we create trends together.

Personalization of sneakers with iDSneakers

We are first and foremost a branding company with extensive experience in the footwear industry. We understand the importance of personalization and good brand management. Your company is not the same as the others and your customers know it. That is why they will prefer your custom sneakers designed by the excellent iDSneakers team.

So, do you dare to be different? We want you to leave your comfort zone and take a risk. The results you will get by doing things differently will be quite positive. We assure you that because we understand the market, we know our clients and we seek to be at the forefront in the industry.

With the personalization of shoes by iDSneakers, your brand will be unique, original and innovative. We use quality materials to be your clients’ favorite. Enough of a world in which we all dress the same, we use the same accessories and follow “normal” social patterns. Your customers seek innovation and we can give it to them together.

We are looking for partners

Is your company suitable to work with us? At iDSneakers, we offer a unique business opportunity, which works and in which we already have an excellent experience. At this moment we are expanding and that is why we are looking for partners to reach each country in Europe. With our custom shoes, we will offer the best outfit for customers. Find out about our processes, contact us and tell us your ideas. We have an excellent team and we are looking for key alliances to bring our innovative product to the entire European community. Do you stay with the globalized world in which everyone dresses the same? We offer you customization, original and innovative trends with high-quality products. Join us.