Have you imagined some perfect personalized sneakers? The time has come to innovate, it is a great opportunity for you to be different. Show your unique style and offer your customers a novel alternative. Unique designs, quality, and fashion on your feet.

What is iDSneakers about?

Put your stamp on your shoes. Did you know that your shoes are the first thing a person sees when they know you? Had you distributed shoes designed by yourself before? Your brand, your design, your personalization in the sports shoes that everyone wants.

We offer you completely personalized sneakers. A new, unique, casual and fashionable way of dressing. A new way to surprise your customers. Sneakers go well with any type of clothing. Do you want to dress sporty, casual or even a little formal? Sneakers are the solution. Comfortable, safe, beautiful, the perfect footwear for all occasions.

We design your personalized sneakers in Barcelona, and we make them by hand in Spain. A new way to promote your brand and offer unique designs to your customers.

How it works?

We listen to you, tell us your ideas. Based on your requirements, our experienced design team will prepare different proposals so that you and your clients can choose the one you like most. Our sneakers are fully customizable. We have a wide range of models, colors and materials that will make our product of the highest quality.

How could you use your new customized shoes? Our shoes are perfect for all kind of occasions. You can offer your clients personalized sneakers that can be used in events and exhibitions, work uniforms, corporate gifts or as the identification of a club or organization.

We use different techniques for the customization of our shoes, such as embroidery, die-cut leather, hot stamp, laser print. You have total control over the design, you can even customize the laces and the tongue label. You can place an order with us with a minimum order of only 40 pairs, and we will have them ready and delivered in 45 days.

Would you like to know more about us?

In iDSneakers, we are in the process of expansion. We are looking for partners. Distributors that help us to have an important presence in all European countries. Our experience in personalized sneakers, with which we take the branding to another level, allow us to guarantee the success of this great business opportunity.

The design, quality, and comfort offered by our custom sneakers are backed by our vast experience in the footwear industry. Are you still waiting for new ideas? Join us.

We are iDSneakers, we personalize your world

A different world that understands quality, style, and fashion. We are a branding company with high expertise in the custom shoe industry. Our experienced design team will be able to create the perfect shoes for you and your company in each project. Our products are of the highest quality that is reflected in the finish of our customized sneakers. Would you like to work with us? Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our processes. We want to hear from you. Do you want to talk?