iDSneakers | Leather Cut
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How we do it

Made in Spain

How we do it

All our shoes are manufactured in Spain and designed in Barcelona.

We work with the best craftsmen of the sector recognized worldwide.

Made in Spain guarantees us to guarantee a high quality in the manufacturing that is reflected in the finishes of our shoes. The long tradition in the footwear sector of our country offers us experience in leather treatments and constant innovation to improve materials and designs.


All our raw materials are from expert producers in the sector from the areas with the highest textile tradition in Spain in the footwear and leather goods, offering a wide variety of items and colorful, always with great competitiveness in terms of market prices. 

Our main materials are: Cotton, Nylon, Napa and Suede leather.

Napa & Suede Leather:

High quality Bovine and Pig Leather with a great variety of colours. Durable, comfortable and long lasting.


Elastic and resistant fiber with a great variety of colours.


Natural fiber. Cotton fabrics are comfortable, very soft, with good heat conduction and breathable.

Customization Techniques

There are 3 main customization techniques:



It’s the perfect technique for logos formed by writings or defined and simple designs, consisting of a limited number of traits. It’s good on all the materials, especially on Napa Leather. It’s the only technique used for heel customization.



It fits in simple logos, especially letters and small symbols. It’s fine on all the materials, especially on Napa leather where the combination between Leather/Leather, it’s well-defined to the touch.



When a logo is complicated and full of thin lines that’s the best technique. It’s used even in cases of pictures, combinations of shapes and colours. Made only on nylon fabric.

Less used but as additional technique has excellent qualitative performances:


It’s an available solution for leather, the brand will result elegant and clean: high performance with simple and defined logos. It has an additional cost for making the brand mould at the beginning.


Managing the sizing of our sneakers is that easy:

  • Print this sheet in Din A-4 format and you will have your size at the moment.
  • Our sneakers last are like that of the company Nike so if your customers know the foot that fit with this brand, you have it!
  • We have computer tools to help you to management the sizing of your order, get in touch with our sales team and they will help you.