There are figures, icons, images, objects that become a symbol of a brand. And it is that brand is really, a perception that buyers give to something. A space in our collective imagination that allows us to associate certain objects, logos, names with a company, a person or an organization. Some have done this branding work well. So much so that, with a simple image, you know what it refers to. This is what the geniuses of Red Hat have done. They have turned their legendary red hat into a globally recognized brand. Few companies manage their corporate identity so well, and now they do it too with the new Red Hat Sneakers.

Who is Red Hat and why is their brand work admirable?

Red Hat is a US company that provides open source software mainly to companies. And not only they are the leaders in their field of action, but they are also leaders in branding. Red Hat is known worldwide for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. In addition, they offer storage, operating system platforms and all kinds of open source applications for companies.

Since 1993, Red Hat has become one of the most well-known technology companies in the business world around the world. So much so that your logo is easily associated with your brand. A great work of branding that has made the red hat icon a myth.

After the mythical red hat, now sneakers

The big brands know how to take very well and grow their corporate image. Red represents them very well and is part of their identity. That’s why they do not just want to wear a red hat, they want to wear their brand from their feet to their heads. That’s why, together with iDSneakers, they have created sneakers that represent the brand in a unique and authentic way. Introducing the Red Hat Sneakers.

That’s right, knowing our good work and affinity with technology companies, Red Hat has relied on iDSneakers to create branded shoes that reflect the personality of the brand. Carrying your brand with you is a branding job that some companies do very well. And with Red Hat Sneakers, the company is encouraging corporate identity in a cool and original way.

The giant American company uses our customized shoes with its brand for the different KickOff rooms that the company makes with its equipment. In this way, corporate identity is encouraged within the company. Generating an environment of greater rapport with the teams and bringing with them a mythical color that has characterized them and that undoubtedly represents them quite well.

How can you follow the steps that companies like Red Hat have already taken?

The branding work is a very important matter that you must take in your company so that your brand becomes a space in the collective imagination. Brands are only brands if people recognize them as such. That’s why at iDSneakers, we help you create personalized shoes with your brand to gain greater recognition with your customers. Contact us to learn more and follow the