Vintage shoes are back! The past has become fashionable. And it is that many of the things that marked an era return. Nostalgia has caused us to use old designs again, see remakes of the films that marked our childhood or youth, listen to music from those times or that we love the series or documentaries that revive our history.

Nostalgia seizes millennials

Fashion is circular. The past returns and returns stomping. There is at this time a boom to repeat the experience. Nostalgia has boosted the consumption of vintage or retro things in all fields of life.

And the strangest thing about all this is that they are not those who lived those times that have brought back this new boom. It is not about baby boomers or generation X. No, it is not they who want to relive times of glory of their youth. Those responsible for all this stir in the world are millennials. This generation is responsible for bringing back all this love for vintage and retro objects. Maybe it’s like an intergenerational connection, in which the young people of today want to wear those vintage shoes that their parents wore so much in their youthful adventures.

But … Why does this phenomenon occur? For many, it may seem strange that new generations want to recover the icons of past generations. In this encounter of generations, what normally happens is that changes are generated, confronting the current reality, to have new identities. Well, in that search for identity, in a globalized world, where being unique is quite complex and where the ease with which things are achieved causes them to lose meaning, retaking old objects that already have an important meaning, makes them legendary.

From video games to vintage shoes

And the retro style has taken over each and every field of life. Just check the movie billboard of recent months, you will realize that it is the same as 35 years ago. This is something that generates excitement and enthusiasm in the new generations. Well, a load of meanings, of emotionality that these things have far exceeds any of the things of the new generations without meaning.

Large brands have therefore taken the opportunity to retake product designs that were totally successful a few decades ago, and even, some things that were a complete failure could prove to be of great value to millennials.

It is very common to see the great sneakers factories retake their classic designs, as is the case of Reebok, Adidas or Nike, to mention just a few. That love for vintage has made new brands start creating their products based on these old tastes. That’s why within our customized branded shoes models, you can find vintage models so that you agree with the patterns that fashion imposes today.

Do you like all these things to be back? What would you bring from the past to make it cool again in today’s world?